Information about Venezuela - a Country in South America with diverse natural attractions incl. tropical Islands along the caribbean sea. -

Game and Nature Reserve

The Guacharo Cave National Park is located 12 km from the town of Caripe, Monagas, Venezuela. It has as its centerpiece a large limestone cave.

The El Avila National Park protects part of the Cordillera de la Costa Central mountain range, in the coastal region of central-northern Venezuela.

Henri Pittier National Park is a vast protected area in the states of Aragua and Carabobo, northern Venezuela. It’s known for its abundant wildlife, including hundreds of bird species like toucanets and humming birds.

Laguna de la Restinga is a national park on the Isla Margarita, Nueva Esparta state, Venezuela. The main part of the park is a large salt lagoon, rich in fish and birdlife.

Los Roques National Park is a Venezuelan archipelago around 160 kilometers north of the capital Caracas in the Caribbean Sea. The protected area contains more than 300 islands and cays surrounding a 400-sq.-km lagoon. The archipelago’s coral reef is popular with snorkelers and scuba divers.

Morrocoy National Park is a protected island and marine preserve on the Caribbean coast of Venezuela. Part of Falcón state, it’s known for its mangroves, island beaches and cays like Cayo Sombrero. The park’s clear waters feature coral reefs teeming with fish, sea turtles and dolphins.

The San Esteban National Park is located in Carabobo, Venezuela. The park lies on the Northeastern part of Carabobo and it links with the Henri Pittier National Park of Aragua. Both are natural reservation areas.

Tacarigua Lagoon National Park is located in Miranda State on the northern coast of Venezuela. It was created in 1974 to protect an ecosystem made up of a permanent coastal lagoon dominated by mangrove forests and separated from the ocean by a 28.8 km shoal.

Yurubi National Park was created to protect the watershed of the Yurubí River, which serves as the fresh water source for the city of San Felipe. Yurubí National Park is located in the Sierra de Aroa Mountains. The park includes cloud forests and low montane forest and is surrounded by agricultural areas.


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